About Us

Last Update: 25 October, 2022

GlobeConsult was founded in November 1992, some 30 years ago, by its current president David K. du Feu and received its Canadian federal incorporation in March 1993.

GlobeConsult has undertaken many projects, large and small, in countries around the world. We have the necessary expertise and resources to offer unique solutions to complex problems. We offer expert consulting on any size international, national or local telecommunications project. We have access to a large base of highly specialized staff covering all aspects of telecommunications requirements; including, documentation, design, planning, implementation, operation, administration and management, with emphasis on RFPs, RFIs, verification and accesptance test plans, market surveys, feasibility studies, needs assessments, technology gap analyses and business plans. We can provide assistance at any stage of your project, from inception through to implementation and operation. We have particular experience in the design, development and implementation of community-based, high-speed rural telecommunications networks, N11 specialty code facilities and Voice over IP (VoIP) networks.

We have developed a unique methodology for assessing the feasibility of Community Broadband Networks. We can provide a comprehensive, highly effective communications solution for community institutions such as schools, universities, hospitals, businesses and governmental agencies with a single, powerful and integrated network to link all areas of the community for access to a multitude of community applications. We have considerable expertise analysing analogue in-field emergency communications systems and subsequent upgrading to digital systems such as, LTE (Long Term Evolution), P25 (Project 25) and upgrading existing analogue system to Simulcast.

Our professional fee structure is very flexible offering competative rates for for all projects. Lower fees will be applied to local, long-termed, documentation-based projects.

Our Code of Business Ethics

All members of our team, assigned to each project, operate in the strictest confidence, utmost integrity and ethical behaviour. Our own "Code of Business Ethics" provides various rules and guidelines for our employees that follow fundamental principles based on our company's values and position in the community, as well as applicable laws and regulations. The "Code" reinforces our commitment to customer service, its support for a working environment where people are respected and its sensitivity to the needs of the community. It also means being accountable for our behaviour and to uphold the values, principles and standards upon which our reputation rests.