Technical Support

Technical Support

GlobeConsult can provide the necessary technical support to all applications provided as well as existing applications within your organisation. In keeping with our commitment to providing the best overall and complete service, we want to ensure that the telecommunications services provided to its clients has the best and most economical technical support available. This availability of a support pool will ensure that knowledgeable staff are ready and on site as quickly as possible to remedy any problems that develop. Our team will work with your staff as well as the technical support resources of the various vendors to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective support possible. We have access the the most qualified technical people with a strong and proven track record covering all facets of telecommunications networks, services and related technologies. We will assess each requirement and provide a complete cost analysis for the specific support programme and schedule of support activity for each requirement.

Our Support Framework

Situation Analysis:

We will perform a complete study of the current situation, looking at existing technologies and planned upgrades; analyse the current network environment and document existing network facilities, equipment, computer software and interface facilities.We will determine with the customer specific deficiencies with their current technical support as applicable.

Analysis of Requirements:

GlobeConsult will focus on identifying various alternatives available to the clients in order to enhance services for the future, while pursuing technical support for the existing facilities. With this information, we will determine total support requirements and respective costs.

Work Plan:

A work breakdown structure will be produced for the specific technical support for each client using the latest software tools available. Our approach is that of team work in which the synergy of the whole team is built on the individual professional efforts and as such we will work in conjunction with the identified client groups at the outset of the project. This way, we can refine the proposed technical support activity to better meet the clients objectives.

Work Activity and Schedules:

GlobeConsult will provide, necessary workplans detailing all support activity in conjunction with the client. Complementing efforts by both our staff will be required for the collection of data needed to perform the situation analysis work. Such activity includes: current environment, various configurations, costs and coordination of related activities will need to be examined. Such efforts will ensure project objectives are met and that any changes or modifications to project scope will dovetail, after review, with the project work plan.